Open Seven Days a Week from 11 am to 3 pm
(210) 802-1860

Nourish Your Soul

Pharm Table Restaurant San Antonio is about VITALITY. We call ourselves “Pharm” Table because we believe food has the power to heal! We serve seasonal, local foods, vegetables, and meat from farmers, ranchers, and other vendors we know and trust because we care where our food comes from and so should you. We avoid inflammatory components like dairy, wheat, and processed sugar. Instead, we season generously with spices, herbs, and superfoods that reduce inflammation and taste great. Tasting is believing! For healthy food downtown that’s not just good but good for you, visit us for lunch or brunch on the weekend, or enjoy our to-go meals.

The Mission
Our mission is to share real, farm-fresh meals that enable you to experience a better quality of life. We’re dedicated to making healthy food DELICIOUS, eliminating largely inflammatory components like dairy, wheat, and processed sugar to bring your body back into balance, reduce inflammation, and promote long-term health and vitality. Best of all, our food is flavorful, fun, and will leave you feeling fantastic!

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